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Contacta con cualquier departamento de Urban Magazine. Desde aquí puedes resolver tus dudas, realizar consultas o enviar propuestas, también puedes hacer llegar a los redactores tu opinión acerca de los contenidos publicados, del diseño o de cualquier otra cuestión.

Redacción de Urban Magazine

Si lo que quieres es contactar con la redacción de Urban Magazine, dirígete al correo electrónico o por correo ordinario a: Real de Arrabal 8B, tercero – 45003 – Toledo, (Toledo), España.

URBAN MAGAZINE is a young publication that since it appears, took a bet for the electronic music with underground touch. Created and managed by experts and passionates for the electronic music for and focus for people with nicest and sophisticated tastes. A mean of communication  that ignores the sensationalism, the comercial and the passing fads.

A editorial line carefully done and each day more recognized by the audience. Is, by the way, 100% free of sponsored ads and really few publicity.

In URBAN MGZ we published what we really like but the doors are always open for interesting and qualificated proposals.

House, Techno, IDM, Minimal, Disco, Ambient, Break Beat, Electro, Downtempo, Trance, Trip Hop, Experimental…  A stylish palette that are always welcome in URBAN MGZ.

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